PACTUM, Projecting Academic Capacities with Tunisian Universities through Master courses
PACTUM project aims at providing a high-quality, multidisciplinary and stimulating one-year master programme in social, political and behavioural sciences. The goal here is to develop an innovative approach that might create positive effects both for the Tunisian teaching staff and the students. With regard to the former, the opportunity to establish and cultivate contacts with important European universities and professors could be relevant to learn new methodological techniques and develop a broader and more comparativist approach to the study of social, and more specifically political, sciences. In a similar way, also European instructors might benefit much from Tunisian academic staff, due to their skills and knowledge of the cultural and political environment. 
Coming to Tunisian students, instead, the establishment of a new master, prevalently (although not entirely) taught in English and with a specific focus on political science, sociology, science of the administration, and international relations provides opportunity to find a job both in the public and private sector, considering the particularly challenging environment for young graduate students. A closely connected goal here is to train tomorrow’s public employees in order to enhance the professionalization of the bureaucratic body and its capacity to formulate, implement, and evaluate public policies. However, more short-terms goal are presented as well in the project. In fact, from the third year on, through summer schools dedicated (although not specifically) to public employees, there is an attempt to improve immediately the skills and capacity of the bureaucracy in Tunisia.
Project Meetings/Events

Project meetings as planned :

January/February 2021, Bruxelles- on line

June/July 2021, Tunis- in person/online

September/October 2021, Tunis- in person/online

January/February 2022, Siena- in person/online

June/July 2022, Siena- in person/online

September/October 2022, Sfax- in person/online

January/February 2023, Sousse- in person/online

June/July 2023, Sousse- in person/online

September/October 2023, Montpellier- in person/online

December 2023, Sousse- Final Conference


Meetings/ Events:

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