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Critical Incidents in Intercultural Communication and Promoting Diversity (CIICPD) Project

Working with human capital in the 21st century reflects changes in the labour market related not only to migration, but also to Industry 4.0 and the requirement to adapt quickly to new situations. Related to this there is the need for new approaches to training of future employees, development of their key competencies, critical thinking, ability to adapt to different situations, mutual cooperation, and intercultural communication skills. In order to be able to operate in a changing environment, social, political and economic in the global environment, the cultural contexts that globalization brings must be addressed. The issue of critical incidents is closely related to this development both in the professional and private life of today's society. Multinational businesses are facing and will face cultural differences in employee structures. In connection with migration waves, it is necessary to focus on the cultural specifics of individual nationalities and to learn how to work with them.

The project, during the planned three-year period, will focus in particular on the critical incidents in multicultural environment. This environment is represented by both, educational institutions participating in the project and cooperating multicultural companies and institutions. The research will be done to collect the critical incidents; based on their analysis there will be proposed ways how to work with critical incidents, how to eliminate their causes and how to use their positive potential for the development of personality and corporate culture. The project focuses on 1) innovations in course syllabi and developing new updated educational and training material to be used across the partner institutions a companies; 2) research activities resulting in book and articles in professional journals. The participants, students of all levels of university studies and academia alike, will work in the international environment, cooperate with companies and businesses, apply and further develop their theoretical knowledge, together with language skills and multicultural awareness.

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Academic coordinator USiena: Prof. Maurizio Pompella

Academic Staff USiena: Prof. Claudio Melacarne- Prof.ssa Alessandra Viviani

Administrative Staff USiena: Dr.ssa Tiziana Gatti – Dr.ssa Annalisa Poggialini