PREMIER: PREserving Media trustworthiness in the artificial Intelligence Era

progetto PRIN 2017
Università di Siena foto team con prof. Barni - PRIN 2017


Coordinatore Scientifico: Mauro Barni


Titolo: PREMIER: PREserving Media trustworthiness in the artificial Intelligence ERa


Settore ERC: PE - Physical Sciences and Engineering


Costo totale del progetto:  751.290 euro


Contributo MIUR per l’Università di Siena:  175.042 euro


Altri Partner del progetto: Università degli Studi di Firenze, Università degli Studi di Trento, Politecnico di Milano, Università degli Studi di Napoli Federico II


Durata: 36 mesi

Breve descrizione della proposta:

The credibility of digital media is put at risk by the availability of easy-to-use media editing tools, and, recently, by the development of AI-techniques that permit to create visually plausible fake videos with no or minimum intervention of the users.

To goal of PREMIER is to devise a new class of techniques capable of distinguishing fake from original videos. The new techniques will be developed by following a hybrid approach whereby forgery detectors based on deep learning are coupled with model-based methods, so to cope with the problems raising when deep learning is used within a multimedia forensics scenario. Looked-for solutions will aim at decreasing the amount of data needed for training, at providing ways to interpret the results of the forensic analysis, and at improving the security of the developed tools in the presence of an informed forger aiming at evading fake media detection.

The developed tools will be integrated into a web-based demonstrator whereby users can assess the authenticity of their own videos. A dataset of original and fake videos will be built to train and test the techniques developed during the project. The dataset will be made available to the international research community.