Framing and Diagnosing the Constitutional Degradation: a Comparative Perspective

progetto PRIN 2017


Coordinatore Scientifico: Tania Groppi


Titolo: Framing and Diagnosing the Constitutional Degradation: a Comparative Perspective


Settore ERC: SH - Social Sciences and Humanities


Costo totale del progetto: 498.520 euro


Contributo MIUR per l’Università di Siena: 122.502 euro


Altri Partner del progetto:  Università degli Studi Suor Orsola Benincasa di Napoli, Università di PISA, Università degli Studi di SASSARI


durata: 36 mesi


Breve descrizione della proposta:

The purpose of the research project is to study, through the methodology of comparative constitutional law and studies, the phenomenon of the deterioration of the structure and substance of the constitutional liberal democracy, which has taken place in the past decade worldwide.
By exploring and comparing several national experiences, in countries that have generally been regarded as consolidated democracies, the project will frame the conceptual boundaries of the “constitutional degradation”, filling an important gap in social sciences. As degradation is more difficult to detect than traditional authoritarian threats, the project will also develop a checklist with a systemic approach to the problems, in order to capture the interaction effects of apparently innocuous changes and to diagnose the degradation.
The research will be carried out by four research units through the establishment of working groups made up by members of each unit and foreign scholars, selected according to the role that each unit is expected to play and on the basis of already existing cooperation agreements and networks.