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Tax identification number - Codice Fiscale

Tax identification number (codice fiscale) is an individual tax identification code required in Italy for all sort of procedures e.g. opening a bank account, applying for the national health service, renting a flat etc.
It is free of charge and it is issued immediately.
The application must be made to Agenzia delle Entrate (Italian Inland Revenue): Via Banchi di Sotto, 55

Please take with you:

  • Eu citizens must show a valid Passport or another ID document (for verification).
  • Non Eu citizens must show a valid Passport and Visa (for verification), Copy of passport (with the personal data and copy of the visa).

The tax number may be issued also by Italian Consulates abroad. Please check the Consulate website in the country you reside to get more information.

For further information visit the “Agenzia delle Entrate” website

Eduraoam - visitor access to UnisiWireless

Visitors coming for institutions that are members of Eduroam network, have access to the Unisi Wifi usint the username and password provided by their home university

Further information: https://en.unisi.it/eduroam

Learning Italian Language

Learning Italian language will help you to integrate into Italian life and make your stay easier.

The University of Siena signed an agreement with the Università per Stranieri di Siena to offer linguistic support for international researchers hosted at the University of Siena

According to this agreement international researchers can get a 50% discount to attend a month Italian language course

You can check the Italian language courses scheduled in 2020 here

If you are interested in enrole in one course you must write an email to the International Relations Division: incoming@unisi.it

Public transport

In Siena and its surrounding districts, urban public transport is managed by Tiemme Spa

Buses generally run 7 days a week from 6am to  00h20.

Tickets can be purchased online, at the bus station and in the tobacco shops.


How to purchase tickets