The deadline for the renewal of the registration for the years following the first one has been extended to November 15th, 2019.
Graduates of the XXXIII and XXXIV Cycle, upon admission to the next year of the Course by the Academic Board, are required to renew the registration by accessing the page to the Reserved Area, using the username and password already in their possession. To start the renewal procedure, select the word "Rinnova iscrizione" on the first page, once logged in.
If the login credentials have been lost or forgotten, it is necessary to carry out the "Recupero password" from the page: proceeding, first of all, with the communication of one's own e-mail (Comunicazione mail privata), once confirmation has been received from the e-mail address thus communicated, one can proceed, after about ten minutes, to the next phase (Recupero password).
At the end of the renewal procedure, an invoice will be generated with the amount corresponding to your administrative category, to be paid within the deadline indicated above:
- Doctoral scholarship recipients:
- University tax of € 340.00
- Regional Tax for the "Azienda per il Dirritto allo Studio" of Euro 140.00
- Stamp duty of € 16.00
- Non-scholarship holders:
- Regional Tax for the "Azienda per il Dirritto allo Studio" of Euro 140.00
- Stamp duty of € 16.00
- Doctors with "H" type exemption;
- Doctors who have submitted a DSU Scholarship Application;
- Co-protection (Tesi in Co-tutela) Doctors who have to pay for the A.Y. 2019/2020 at the foreign University:
- Stamp duty of € 16.00