HR4ASIA, Strategic Human Resources Management for Southeast Asian Universities

The University of Siena is partner in the HR4ASIA project, coordinated by the University of Danang, Vietnam.

HR4ASIA's main goal is to contribute to Southeast Asian HE Reform Agenda through the modernisation of HR Management. This global purpose will be targeted by means of three specific objectives:

To build up capacities and skills in HRM on target HEIs for stronger organisational efficiency;
To create a regional network on HRM as a forum for exchange of good practices;
To conceive and develop institutional HR strategies in SouthEast Asian HEIs.
These objectives will be pursued by a set of interrlated and focused activities, starting with an in-depth analysis of the target HEIs' HR practices and needs to shape the rest of interventions. A range of skills enhancement actions will follow, upgrading of HR technical tools, and drafting and publication of a Guide on Good Practices on HRM.