Learning agreement - Transcript of records

Dear Students,

welcome to the University of Siena.This year will be a year of changes.

After the health emergency, we are doing any efforts to provide you with the support necessary for you to  experience a best exchange programme at our University.

Thank you for choosing the University of Siena.


  • Learning Agreement Guide  clik here  (this is a useful guide on how to manage your study programme)



The University of Siena has for long adopted an online student management system, i.e. most administrative procedure are online and your courses, classes and examinations will be archived in a big management database.


  • The LEARNING AGREEMENT INCOMING DESK  will enter your courses into your online record book; until then,  you cannot take any examinations; however,  you can attend classes, as in Italy they are open to the public. If you choose to attend online classes, you can connect to the specific online platform. You shall email your Learning Agreement to learning.incoming@unisi.it. Please do not forget that your Learning Agreement must be signed by your Unisi academic coordinator, i.e. the professor in charge of supervising your Learning Agreement when you arrive at Siena University.
  • When you have emailed your Learning Agreement or, if necessary, your “During the mobility” form, the Learning Agreement Desk staff will upload it into your online record book. You will then receive a confirmation email with a link to the Segreteria online (online student information system – please log in with your UNISIPASS credentials), where you can check your courses, credits. Should you find out any incorrect data, please email to your referent as soon as possible.
  • If you stay for one semester (first or second semester), you have one period to submit your Learning Agreement or your “During the mobility” form .
  • If you stay for one year, you have two periods to submit your Learning Agreement or your “During the mobility” form – the former upon your arrival (autumn) and the latter in spring.
  • According to the Italian university system, marks for passed examinations range from 18/30 to 30/30 cum laude.
  •  You must take your exams on official dates.
  • PLEASE NOTE: For some courses, intermediate exams must also be taken; to get the final mark, you must take and pass all examinations.
  • Transcript of Records  is an official document issued by the University of Siena when your mobility period is over; it is a digital document listing the examinations you have taken and relevant marks and the number of credits you have gained.
  • Failed examinations will not be included in your Transcript of Records.

Tips for a correct compilation of your Learning Agreement or “During the mobility” form

  • You can include subjects from any departments.
  • If you are staying for one semester, you can only choose those subjects that are taught during thet semester.
  • To choose courses to be included in your Learning Agreement, you can check
    “Segreteria Online – UNISI” https://segreteriaonline.unisi.it
  • Subjects must be indicated with their official name, WHICH IS NOT TO BE TRANSLATED.
  • You’d better include subject code, subject name, number of credits and semester in your Learning Agreement.
  • The maximum number of credits to be included in your Learning Agreement is 32 credits per semester and 62 credits per academic year (no minimum number of credits is foreseen).
  • Should the credits in your Learning Agreement be higher than those set by the mobility agreements, please ask your home University to email to learning.incoming@unisi.it and authorize to accept a number of credits higher than those established.
  • Please consider that 1 credit = 1 ECTS
  • The Italian language course attended at the Università per Stranieri and its  credits cannot be included in your Learning Agreement. You will receive a separate certification for it 
  • On your online record book, you will see the name of subject, name of professor, number of credits, classes timetable, exam dates. Please remember that exam booking is mandatory (to be done 10 to 7 days before you take an exam).
  • You can download my USiena App on you cell phone.


  • First period: from October to November (autumn) – First semester -  1 October to 30 November.
  • Second period (spring) – Second semester - From 1 March to 30 April




Learning Agreement Incoming Desk 
(presso Urp/International Place – Via Banchi di Sotto, 55 - Palazzo del Rettorato)

Learning Agreement Incoming Desk (not valid for students of Medical and health programmes, Dipartimento di filologia e critica delle letterature antiche e moderne and Dipartimento di scienze dalla formazione, scienze umane e della comunicazione interculturale di Arezzo - please see the appopriate section below)

  • Lunedì, martedi, mercoledì, giovedì, venerdì : sportello virtuale con appuntamento su Gmeet dalle 10:00 alle 13:00 
  • Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri: virtual desk by appointment on Gmeet from 10 am to 1 pm 




  • Please send the END OF MOBILITY PERIOD certificate of your home university to learning.incoming@unisi.it
    We shall compile, sign and return it (if you don’t have it, we suggest you should request it from your home University as soon as possible).
  • You are also required to send in your plane/train/bus, etc. ticket to confirm your date of departure (we need an official date to be entered into our student management system TO CLOSE YOUR MOBILITY PERIOD).
  • Please specify if you attended or are attending ONLINE CLASSES, as leaving date may be different from the end of mobility period, that usually matches with the end of exams (if you do not have any ticket, we shall enter the date of your last examinations as an end of your mobility period).
  • At the end of your mobility period, the University of Siena will issue and send to your home University your TRANSCRIPT OF RECORDS, a digital certificate contaning passed exams and gained credits.

You will also receive an e-mail notification regarding the transmission of your Transcript of Records

Your Trascript of Records will be prepared after you have taken your last examination (please note that only passed examinations will be included in your ToR); therefore, we need to have:

  • your matriculation number
  • a complete list of your examinations, both passed (with marks from 18/30 to 30/30) and failed.

Also, we would like to inform you that the results of exams cannot be viewed immediately; therefore, we shall send your Transcript of Records only when they are available on both your online record book and our management system.

  • If you BORROWED BOOKS from any university libraries, you are kindly requested to return it/them before leaving Siena.

Should any anomalies result from a control, we may not send a Transcript of Records to your University.

Upon sending your Transcript of Records, your study programme will be closed, and no more changes may be made.



- MEDICAL AND HEALTH PROGRAMMES - Medicina e Chirurgia e Professioni sanitarie - Dentistry
referente Annalisa Vivi – annalisa.vivi@unisi.it – pagina web ufficio studenti e didattica: https://www.unisi.it/didattica/uffici-studenti-e-didattica/sportello-ufficio-servizi-agli-studenti-area-sanitaria

- DFCLAM - Filologia e critica delle letterature antiche e moderne: didattica.dfclam@unisi.it

- DSFUCI - Scienze della formazione, scienze umane e della comunicazione interculturale (sede Arezzo): didattica.dsfuci@unisi.it